Wednesday, December 9, 2009


If President Obama is successful next year, he will take private companies out of the business of loaning money to college students. The United States Government will make all the rules and determine everything including interest rates that are charged, how much each student will qualify for, and what students qualify for loans.

Knowing the US government and the politically correct mentality that runs through it, this means there might be quotas on who gets loans. If you are some Caucasian kid from Iowa, you might not qualify one year because not enough Mexican students or African students have gotten loans. The government may tell you or your child that you don't qualify for a loan at any time based on whatever criteria they have set up.

The Obama student loans proposal is just one more attempt at a government takeover of another part of our life. Do you care where your school loan comes from? Probably most don't but what I care about is whether I will be allowed to get one. If it is solely in the government's hands, I have ZERO confidence in the loan process. After all, the government screws up almost everything they touch.

I don't want the slimy politicians in Washington determining who gets to go to school via a loan and who doesn't. Am I the only one that feels this way?

Thursday, December 3, 2009


If you are looking for special Obama college grants to help you pay your tuition, you will be disappointed to know that there are none. President Obama did give a speech where he talked about the importance of moms return to school but he never laid out any grant specifically for that purpose.

Additionally, he talked about Obama moms return to school grants but again, there is no special grant that came about just because of him. This was a speech that has been used for advertising and people have latched onto it to make you believe there is some special funding for college grants that the Obama administration has put through.

The only thing they have done is to raise the tax credit you can take for Pell grants and, while this is helpful to some, it is hardly free Obama money for college. If you do want a shot at winning some free scholarship money to return to school, you can sign up at either of the two links below to be entered in a monthly drawing. Signing up is 100% free and carries no obligation:

Scholarships 4 Moms - (FREE) Both men and women over 18 can sign up for this free drawing.

Obama student loans continue to be on the back burner for now and it will not be until early next year at the soonest when the proposed changes will be voted on. For those who do not know, Obama wants all college and student loans to be given out and controlled by the government because he thinks they can do it cheaper than private companies. This is something that will be very bad for the country, in my opinion, because the government never runs anything efficiently and we don't want them meddling in our private business anyway.