Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Early next year, the Obama student loans proposal will be up for votes and our beloved (I say that sarcastically) bureaucrats will be deciding our children's future. Taking the college loans process away from private companies is a huge step toward socialism and it is just wrong.

Do you need proof why the government should keep their hands out of student loans? How about this story on MSN about the US postal service losing billions? It seems our government run post office has cut over 40,000 jobs and still lost $3.8 BILLION dollars for fiscal 2009! WOW! Now that is incompetance.

This is the single best reason why the government should stay out almost anything and everything. The Obama administration and any other administration does only one thing really well and that is losing and squandering our taxpayer dollars. They just don't understand how to run a business or program of any type and make it profitable. The military and the police force is the only thing we really need them to do.

The Obama student loans bill is something that most of us will regret forever if it is passed. We just don't want to give the government that much control over who gets loans and who doesn't. The politically correct government will put in quotas and all sorts of other things so that the racial groups that they want to go will get the loans and others will not. This is a recipe for disaster education wise and financial aid and student loans should never be any business of the people in Washington.

Monday, November 2, 2009


Student loans are hard to get and they might be changing next year under President Obama. If you haven't heard, he is proposing to have the government toatally take over all college loans and the private companies would no longer be involved. Whether this is good or bad is debatable and Congress is going to have a big decision in front of them next year.

Whether the Obama student loans bill passes or not, everyone still needs loans and scholarships right now. There are two online sites where you can enter for free for a drawing for a $10,000 scholarship and smaller ones too. They are:

Scholarships 4 Moms - (FREE) Both men and women over 18 can sign up for this free drawing.

If student loans and student grants under Obama change, no one knows whether they will be easier or harder to get. Will minorities have an easier time getting school loans or will it become more difficult? Will non minorities be able to get loans or will they be shut out? Will back to school loans still be available or maybe there will be more of them? No one knows right now and it is a scary time if you need a school loan to get into college or to continue going to school.